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About Chris Ching Jewelry

Every piece is one of a kind.

Just like you. Not because each piece is handcrafted and cannot be exactly replicated, but because there is no fun in making the same piece over and over! If you do see something you just absolutely love, trust that it will be the only one that exists! No worries, you won’t ever show up at a party wearing the same thing as your best friend/co-worker/mother-in-law! Shop now to find that one of a kind!

Everything is gold!

Yes, I love gold.  I work primarily with gold because it’s fabulous and it tarnishes less than silver.  But don’t despair silver lovers, there is a new metal on the market called argentium (non-tarnishing form of silver) that I work with on occasion.  Email me if you’d like to request a custom-made argentium piece.

Made in America

Everything about this company is made in America. From the packaging to the design concept to the end product. I love supporting our local businesses not only on the front end, but also working with boutiques and placing my jewelry in these great brick and mortars to sell.  Follow my blog to learn more about where I source my materials and place my pieces!

Custom Jewelry

Custom pieces are not only exciting, but challenging for me, and I’d love to hear what you have in mind.  From hair pieces to bracelets, tell me everything that you want and leave the rest up to me! Turnaround time and pricing are subject to the type of design and materials requested for each project. There is also an optional mock-up charge for your design, which goes towards your final purchase. While I primarily use gold in my jewelry, I can fulfill your request for sterling silver/argentium or 14K gold and higher as well. The sky is the limit when it comes to custom jewelry! Visit my blog to see what type of custom jewelry I have made.

Ordering and Shipping

There will be a flat rate of $6 for shipping within the US, and the price of the piece includes tax already (yay!). For international orders, a price will be calculated in the checkout window. For all my San Diego customers, I also offer a local pick-up option which saves us both the hassle of shipping.  If you’d prefer to pick up your items in person, send me a message and we can meet for a cup of coffee.

Gift Wrap

Each piece comes in a white micro-suede jewelry pouch with care instructions and a polishing cloth (to keep your pieces looking shiny and new). Large items or more delicate items will be packaged in a gift box for safe shipping and storage.

Forms of payment

All credit cards are accepted online.  Cash and checks are accepted as well for local pick-up orders.

Care Instructions

Since all jewelry is made with gold-filled material and natural stones, you should not use a cleaning agent. Simply use mild, clear soap and warm water to clean your jewelry. Pat dry and store in a dark, dry place when not in use. A polishing cloth is included with your purchase, but only use this cloth to touch up the metal (not for stones).


There are no returns once the product is shipped. However, I want you to love your jewelry as much as I do so if this is not the case, email me with your feedback .


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